Jacob TurnerBio
Growing up in Fayetteville, AR and being the youngest of 6, I quickly learned that if I was going to survive I had to work harder or outsmart my siblings in order to survive. Being told that I was too young, too small, or that I couldn’t do something was all the motivation I needed. That mindset has been part of me my
entire life. Early on I loved the challenge of sports. I played baseball, tennis, track, and basketball. Throughout high school and college I played competitively.
I have also completed 5k, 10k, ½ marathons, various obstacle and Tough Mudder endurance races. My next challenge is going to be an ironman 70.3, which I hope to complete in 2017. I am a big kid at heart and can make a game out of just about anything, just ask my family. Give me a challenge, a set of rules, and a prize and I am all in!

Coaching Philosophy
In 2013 a friend of mine introduced me to Crossfit. It didn’t take long until I fell in love with the people, the atmosphere, and the challenge that Crossfit brings.
It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day, or you have been doing it for years. We are all still working at our capacity. My coaching philosophy is one that I also
live by, be better than you were yesterday. It applies to all areas of your daily life, work, family, faith, and certainly fitness. Try not to get caught up in what others are doing around you, but instead work to be BETTER than YOU were yesterday! It is human nature to compare ourselves to others, but we really should just compare ourselves to who we were yesterday.
The most rewarding part of being a Coach is seeing an athlete’s life change for the better through fitness. Seeing an athlete accomplish something they couldn’t do yesterday is very rewarding as a coach. My coaching style mostly resembles encouragement & instruction. During my class I want it to be an enjoyable experience and try to set the tone as such. I also want there to be at least one thing you take away from the class that you either learned or maybe hadn’t thought of previously. If I have done that then I have succeeded as a coach!

Would love to have you in one of my classes!

CF-L1 Trainer
CPR and First Aid

Previous athletic experience:
College – Intramural basketball, tennis, soccer.
High School – Basketball, baseball, track, golf, soccer.

Studied Transportation and Logistics Management at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville.
Gentry High School – 2000

Completed various marathons, ½ marathons, and endurance races.

To get started contact us either via email at info@wellnessrevolutionCrossFit.com or by phone at 501-821-6934.