New to crossfit? Looking for a coach or personal trainer?

If you are new to crossfit, or looking for a fitness coach or personal trainer, we invite you to stop by or request a free class to learn more about us.   At Wellness Revolution Crossfit we believe in  coaching. No one is left to figure it out on their own. Everyone has a coach or personal trainer to help them reach their fitness goals.

Supportive training a Wellness Revolution CrossFit in Little Rock

Crossfit training for all ages at Wellness Revolution CrossFit in Little RockJust Getting Started?

Are you just getting started with Crossfit? At Wellness Revolution Crossfit your journey begins with Foundations. This 8 session beginner’s crossfit program is for individuals who want to ramp up into our fast-paced group Crossfit classes. You’ll learn to squat, press, deadlift, do pullups and pushups, clean, snatch, and some elementary gymnastics exercises. You’ll learn how to make progressions in each from beginner to more advanced, and try out some real Crossfit workouts (modified for beginners.)

Foundations is our introductory handshake to the Crossfit world with one of our certified Crossfit trainers. You will learn new things every day, and then do a quick (but tough) workout. The coaches are extremely well-educated, pleasant folks who smile big while they’re training you. They care and want you to find the life that they’ve found (and millions of others around the world, too).

Foundations sets you up for a life of exercise. It gets you in a regular movement habit. It brings you into the community. You’ll meet people. You’ll sweat. They’ll sweat. All good.

You’ll like it. We promise.

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Starting With a Personal Trainer

  • Wellness Revolution Crossfit personal trainers are at the top of their field. Our clients are professional athletes, senior citizens, the overweight and underweight, kids, busy moms and dads, and best friends together.
  • Every Wellness Revolution Crossfit personal trainer has years of experience and a minimum four-year degree. They complete mandatory continuing education courses every month to ensure they remain the best in Arkansas.
  • You can do personal training at Wellness Revolution Crossfit one-on-one, two-on-one, or in a private group of up to 12.
  • Meet our crossfit personal trainers
  • To book a free consultation and assessment, either contact us via email at or by phone at 501-821-6934.
new to crossfit? Beginners crossfit training at Wellness Revolution Crossfit

To get started contact us either via email at or by phone at 501-821-6934.