Crossfit for Beginners

Foundations is our version of “Crossfit for beginners” and is designed to introduce you to Crossfit. This 8 sessions program with one of our certified Crossfit Trainers, focuses on our frequently used movements, and breaks them down into more detail than can normally be covered in a regular class. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll be ready to integrate into our regular Crossfit classes.

Crossfit training class for beginners

During this Foundations course we’ll teach you a lot about Crossfit, what we recommend regarding nutrition and working out, and give you an idea of what to expect as a member at Wellness Revolution Crossfit. We also want to learn about you during this time as well! The setting helps us to better understand each individual, and once we have some understanding of your needs, we can help you achieve your goals. We’re excited to help you get started on this journey!

We’ll introduce, refine technique and discuss range of motion requirements for the following movements:

  • Squats: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, back-squat
  • Presses: shoulder press, push press, push jerk
  • Power movements: deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, med ball clean
  • Olympic movements: clean and jerk, snatch
  • Gymnastics: pull-up, push-ups, burpees, ring dips, handstands, l-sits etc.
  • Other common movements: thrusters, wall ball, kettlebell swings, rowing, box jumps, jump roping.

Please note that all movements have modifications and we are happy to work with all abilities.

Interested? Just complete our short “Free Assessment” form and we’ll quickly be in touch to let you know how you can get started. We look forward to meeting you!