Want to save on your coaching fees?
Purchase your training in 3, 6, or 12 months blocksB,E / Public Servant / Student / Multi-Member Rates availableC,D,E

Three Coaching Tracts Available

For those who want to workout hard, enjoy the benefits of community and camaraderie, while improve CrossFit movements.
3 Workouts per Week Including Saturday’s Community CrossFit Class at 10 am
Plus Access to everything below:
Goal Oriented
This track is for those who have goals they want to achieve and are not afraid to work for them.
5 Workouts per Week
Plus Access to:
  • Open Gym Hours
  • Saturday Specialty Classes
  • An accountability Coach
  • Discount Pricing on massagesF
Fully Focused
If you have the highest drive to achieve your fitness goals and need to dedicate more time to ensure your success or have aspirations of being a competitive CrossFit athlete.
Unlimited Workouts per Week
Plus Access to:
  • Open Gym Hours
  • Additional Programing for Open Gym Hours
  • Saturday Specialty Classes
  • An accountability Coach
  • (2) 30-minute Personal Coaching session per month to address weaknessesA
  • Discount Pricing on massages

All Memberships Include:

  • RomWOD (Mobility / Flexibility) specifically designed for CrossFit athletes.
  • Access to full service bathrooms, complete with fully stocked showers and towel service.
  • WODify Account to keep track of progress
  • Access to WRCF Private Facebook Page
  • Community Events
A – If a discount is applied to the Fully Focused coaching track, the (2) personal coaching sessions will be excluded.
B – Reduced rates for bulk training packages: 3 months – 5%, 6 months 7.5%, and 12 months 10%
C – Student / Public Servant / Multi-Member Rate – 15%
D – Mulit-Member Rate – 15% – Applies to direct family members and spouses – no additional discounting after 4 members.
E – Only one discount can be applied to training fees per person
F – Massage Discount is 25%

Specialty Classes

  • Weightlifting – Technique focused class with a heavy dose of weights to improve form and improve personal bests (60 minutes).
  • Endurance – Longer duration workouts suited for those seeking to participate in obstacle runs, 5k’s and triathlons (60-90 minutes).
  • Gymnastics – Skills / drills class focusing on improving gymnastic movements commonly used in CrossFit Programing (30 minutes).